Keep Those Bags Coming!

We’re proud to be supporting Earthborn Holistic’s new recycling program and want to say a huge thank you to those who have participated so far!  Promoting one of our favorite rescues AND contributing to a cleaner earth? Yes, please!

How Can You Help?

Earthborn Holistic produces quality grain-free, all-natural food for dogs and cats. They are working with independent pet stores to promote a bag recycling program in support of some great nonprofit agencies.

  • Turn in your Earthborn Holistic dog food bag (Earthborn bags only) to a recycling bin we now have at our store and the empty recycled bags turn into cash!
  • Each pound collected equates to $1 or a nonprofit chosen by our business. One pound is approximately five of the large bags.

We have selected the Michigan Greyhound Connection to be the recipient of the total donation amount at
year’s end. In addition to the donation from Earthborn Holistic, our local Earthborn Holistic sale representative is offering to match the amount and donate to the group as well!!

If you have bags to drop off, why not come by this Saturday from 12 -3 p.m. for Sample Saturday. A feel-good recycling effort and free samples – what a great way to start the weekend!