Since 2003, The Pet Beastro owner Jill Tack has earned a reputation in the metro Detroit area as a leading expert on natural, alternative, organic and raw pet food, and nutrition.

Located in Madison Heights, Michigan, The Pet Beastro is more than a retail pet store. It is a team of dedicated staff members with extensive training in pet nutrition, naturopathy, holistic healing principles, and in all the product lines we carry.

We live by the motto: Feed better. Feel healthier.Live longer.

Each staff members treats this not as a tagline, but rather a commitment to live what we teach, because we honestly want to help your animals live the best and longest lives possible. Read more here about why we chose these words to represent The Pet Beastro.

In this section of our website you will find information on:

  • Product Sample Events & Vendor Expos
  • Insightful Seminars
  • Topic-specific Blog Articles
  • Original E-books

As pet owners begin to take an active interest in providing their pets with a more nutritional and healthy diet, we have experienced an uptick in traffic at our retail store. Because of this, we’ll often direct you to this section of our website; or schedule a Wellness Service appointment for you so that we can give you the personal attention you deserve to help address your pets specific nutrition and health needs based on age, breed, and medical concerns.

We also encourage you to use our convenient search function to find your topic of interest from our extensive catalog of archived blog articles dedicated to answering how you can help your pet live a healthier life.

Thank you for letting us serve you and for trusting us with your pet’s health.