Many people ask us about which pet food is the best for their dog or cat and are not sure how their current food stacks up against many of the alternative, natural, organic, grain free pet food brands in our store. We want to help.

Our store can get very busy but we want to give you that one-on-one time you deserve.  You can call or stop by the store and schedule a 15-minute Alternative Pet Food Analysis with Shannon for only $10 and get a $10 credit towards your next purchase of $50 or more at The Pet Beastro.

The Alternative Food Assessment Includes:

  • 15-minutes one-on-one time with Shannon, one of our pet nutrition specialist on staff
  • Bring in your current food labels
  • Let us know which three foods you are interested in learning more about and we will walk you through the differences of each food option
  • We can help with you with determining proper serving sizes and feeding times for your specific food choice
  • Plan emailed to you for future reference
  • Get a $10 store credit towards your next visit/purchase

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.34.14 PMSchedule an appointment today:

  1. Call store at 248.548.3448
  2. Or stop by and let us know you want to make an appointment


Only $10, plus get a $10 store credit to use on a future purchase on your next visit to The Pet Beastro. Detailed printed/emailed reports are an additional $19 fee that is non refundable.

Benefits of an Alternative Pet Food Assessment:

This personal service will help you become more educated and informed about what your pet is eating and what is the best feeding protocol for the food you chose helping you feed better, your animal feel better and live longer with your family.