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The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

I have been shopping at The Pet Beastro for over two years, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. There is a wide variety of food, treats and toys that appeal to all three of my cats - Calvin and Hobbes, going on 2, and a senior cat, Layla, soon to be 16.  
Sarah S.

I have been shopping there for many years...

I love the Pet Beastro! I have been shopping there for many years starting with their first location at the animal rescue. I especially appreciate how well they treat VIPs! I have four wonderful VIPs: Emmie (14) - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Uri (7) - Lowchen, Berber (11) - Quaker Parrot and Snowy (15) - mixed breed cat.  
Liz B.

I was extremely impressed by the knowledge and care you put into the appointment.

I came in to talk to you (Jill) last Tuesday in regards to changing out the food diet and supplements for my dogs Rosie and Darla. I was extremely impressed by the knowledge and care you put into the appointment. I must say the changes to the girls daily intake of food and new supplements seem to be working out very well. They really enjoy the Honest Kitchen Recipe and it sure helps me to have the convenience of using the dehydrated form.  NO MORE FOOD PROCESSING  Also, the addition of My Healthy Pet Probiotics and Enzymes seems to have eliminated Darla's burping. I give it to both girls in hopes that it will eliminate any throwing up as well. The Pro Bloom, consisting of goats milk, is favored a little more by Darla but Rosie does not completely dislike it. She just drinks less of it. I continue to give them a daily dose of Milk Thistle for added assurance and the benefits it has for their liver. Thank you so much for all your recommendations and for all your expertise. I feel confident going forward that Darla and Rosie will be getting the healthiest and safest diet possible. I look forward to seeing you and the staff at The Pet Beastro in the future.
Mary R.

I can feel good about anything I buy there

I'm just thrilled that I can feel good about anything I buy there knowing that only the best quality and healthiest products that are safe for my dogs are sold there
Jenny M.

I trust you

I trust the staff recommendations and the products that they offer
Jane C.

We know you have the best interests of the animals at heart

The entire Pet Beastro staff is awesome!! We trust their advice and know that they genuinely have the best interests of the animals at heart. We have shopped here basically since it opened and will continue!!
Heidi P.

High quality food

High quality food made in the U.S. My pets have be fitted tremendously on raw food. The staff is fantastic too!
Beth H.

The staff and owner are all very helpful

You have the food that my dog needs and the staff and owner are all very helpful. Everyone knows that my dog cannot have treats with rosemary and they make certain I buy only those which don't contain it.
Janice N.

The best place to go

The best place to go for the safest, healthiest, and best variety of products for my precious pets. I tell literally everyone I meet that is a pet owner about the store.
Jenny M.

The staff is amazing

I know I am taking good care of my dog by coming to The Beastro and not too many places have the healthy variety they do. Plus the staff is amazing and always help me, help my dog.
Adrienne P.

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