Meet Josephine!

Meet Josephine!

Meet Josephine, a sales associate here at The Pet Beastro.

We love introducing our furrific staff. Meet Josephine, she is a sales associate at The Pet Beastro.

Josephine has seven pets of her own - two dogs, four cats and a turtle! Jack is an 11-year-old shaggy boy and Olive, an 8-year-old shaggy girl. Agnes is one year old, Hilikus is nine years old, and Cash and Marley are both 16 years old. If that weren't enough to keep her busy, she also has a sulcata tortoise named Oleander. 

Josephine's favorite part of her job is that it's a very friendly and inviting work environment. She enjoys getting to know and establishing relationships with our customers and their fur babies. She loves that we are always learning and growing to provide our customers with the best service and the relationships we establish with our customers make it so they can trust that we have their pet's best interest at heart.

She has worked in the animal/medical field for the past nine years. However, prior to starting at The Pet Beastro, she didn't have a large knowledge base of pet nutrition. She has been trained on all of the different foods we carry and the benefits of their ingredients. This knowledge allows her to provide the tools our customers need to make an informed decision on their pet's nutrition. 

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