Meet Josephine!

Meet Josephine!

Josephine enjoys getting to know and establishing relationships with our customers and their fur babies.

Meet Josephine:

We are excited to learn more about her! 

Do you have pets at home? 

Yes, I love to talk about them. I will start with Jack, he is a scruffy 11-year-old boy that we adopted from the Michigan Humane Society when he was 6 months old. He is a complete goof and can be very stubborn and picky. He loves playing hide and seek with his toys. He was having some health problems back in September so we made the switch to a completely raw diet and he has been doing great since. We typically rotate between Steve's Real Food and Northwest Naturals.

Olive is an 8-year-old poodle mix that we also adopted from the Michigan Human Society while I was working there. She was just a small, sick little puppy that we had to add to our family. Her favorite toys right now are the Tall Tails natural leather rabbit and the cats yeowww catnip toy. She is obsessed with cat toys. She is also on a completely raw diet along with Jack.

I have four cats so I am going to talk about them all together here or we may be here all day. Bob Marley and Johnny Cash are my very first pets as an adult. They are both 16 years old. They are both grey and white short-haired boys. I rescued them from a barn when they were 5 months old. Hilikus is a 9-year-old black short-haired female. Hilikus was a foster fail that we adopted from the Michigan Humane Society when I was an employee/foster there. Agnes is the baby, She is almost 2 years old. She was from a litter that a previous employee found. She is also an all-black short hair and is gifted with extra toes. They all go crazy for yeowww catnip and toys. I have been working on incorporating raw into their diet. Their favorite food has to be Fussy Cat canned food. They love any of the tuna varieties.

Why did you want to work for The Pet Beastro?

I have worked in the animal industry for a long time. I enjoy centering myself around like-minded people in that way, not to mention all the furry faces! When I started shopping at The Pet Beastro, I knew there was something special about this particular store. Everyone was always so helpful when it came to caring for the health and wellbeing of my pets. I just knew I wanted to be a part of that kind of supportive environment.

What have you learned by working at The Pet Beastro?

I am constantly learning. I have worked in the animal medical field since 2011. Until starting at The Pet Beastro I didn’t have a working knowledge of pet nutrition. During my time at The Pet Beastro, I have been trained on the different pet foods we carry and the benefits of the ingredients in them. This knowledge allows me to provide the tools our customers need to make an informed decision on their own pet's nutrition.

What is your favorite part of your job at The Pet Beastro?

The environment is very friendly and inviting. I enjoy getting to know and establishing relationships with our customers and their fur babies. I am also always learning and growing. This helps me to provide our customers with the best service.

What is your favorite product at The Pet Beastro and Why?

We have a few in our house but two of our favorites are Pet Releaf CBD oil and Answers raw goat milk. Pet Releaf has been amazing for both my dogs. Jack has arthritis and Olive has an old back injury. Pet Releaf CBD oil has helped with inflammation. Along with chiropractic, it helps keep my babies pain free. Goat milk is a favorite for everyone in our house. It has helped with Olive’s GI issues. It was also the first step to our raw diet journey. I started by simply just adding it to their dry kibble and evolved from there. It has been helpful for my picky eater too.

What is your advice or best tip for pet parents?

My advice to pet parents is to know what your cat or dog is eating. What is on the ingredient panel?  Once I started to learn more about the nutrition in my pet's food and the options that are out there I started to evolve as a pet parent. We want to do what is best for our pets. We can help you!

What do you most enjoy doing in your free time?

Honestly, in my free time, I just enjoy being home hanging out with my boyfriend and our fur babies. Weather permitting we like to sit outside and listen to music and watch the pups play.


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