Meet Maddie!

Meet Maddie!

My favorite part of my job at The Pet Beastro is interacting with the customers. I love the store and seeing familiar faces walk through the door every day. 

Meet Maddie:

We are so excited to add Maddie to The Pet Beastro team of pet food specialists. Learn a bit more about her here! 

Maddie’s Pets

I have a cat who is my best friend. His name is Orange (like the color) and he's spotted. His favorite thing to do is lay at the end of the bed and take a nap! He is also a master escape artist who tries to get outside without his leash on. He is the only cat I have ever had that comes immediately when called, does multiple tricks, and is willing to wear little cat hoodies. I got Orange when he was a baby. That was almost three years ago. His favorite food and treats are any type of pureed treat like INABA Churu pops and Northwest Naturals freeze-dried chicken formula

I also have a dog named lance. We have had him for eight years. Lance was a show dog that the original owner thought underperformed so they didn't treat him the best. Initially, when we got him he seemed to only be comfortable with me. It may have been my size because I was a little kid so physically I was smaller than everyone else. I’m not sure, but he was always there for me and I made sure to be there for him. He was recently switched to raw. He has been on a raw diet of Steve's Real Food for three months now. Prior to that, he was having problems with loose stools while on kibble. His skin and coat look better and he seems happier. His favorite foods are any flavor of the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried food and Steve's Real Food pork patties. 

Maddie Wanted To Work At The Pet Beastro

I wanted to work at The Pet Beastro because I have always loved animals. My love started with small rodents. Then grew into reptiles and now cats and dogs. I think it was the fact that the store is centered on helping to feed a natural diet to cats and dogs that drew me in. 

Maddie Has Learned So Much Working At The Pet Beastro

I have learned so much. Everything from raw cat and dog diets, to approaching animal health issues naturally. Since starting I have been able to apply the wealth of knowledge I have learned to my own life and pets. 

Maddie’s Favorite Part Of Working At The Pet Beastro

My favorite part of my job at The Pet Beastro is interacting with the customers. I love the store and seeing familiar (human and furry) faces walk through the door every day. 

Maddie’s Favorite Pet Product That The Pet Beastro Carries

My favorite product at The Pet Beastro has got to be freeze-dried raw. Specifically the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried formula. Both my cat and dog expect it to be fully stocked. It has changed so much in my house. My dog has grain intolerances and is a picky eater so before Northwest Naturals, he would have problems with loose stools. 

Maddie’s Best Advice For Pet Parents

My advice for dog and cat parents is to have patience. Changing to the natural side can take some time. A lot of people are looking for a quick fix, but if they can have some patience they will see great results.  When switching to a raw diet, it can seem stressful if your pet doesn’t automatically love it, but give it time and work with them and you will see amazing results. 

Maddie’s Hobbies

My favorite hobbies are singing, meditating, journaling, and reading. I have always loved to sing so I do that a lot. I really like to learn about myself. Giving self-love is important. I have recently picked up some books on crystals and stones. It is exciting to learn new things, experience fantasy worlds, and alternate realities. 

I love to spend time with my friends and family. They are some of the people in my life that make me the happiest. I also love photography. Creating art and seeing other people’s shots is wonderful. I think it’s being able to take a single picture that tells an entire story. It is one of my favorite things in life. There is a photo I took of royal oak from the top of a parking structure and I made it like a single shot time-lapse where you can see streaks of light where the headlights of a car pass showing movement and color. I am so proud to be able to do that type of work with photography. 

The next time you visit our natural pet food store for goodies for your cat and/or dog stop and say hi to Maddie.


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