Meet Nathan!

Meet Nathan!

One of Nathan's favorite things about working is being there to meet pets and eventually having the pets remember him and be excited to see him.

Meet Nathan:

Do you have pets at home? 

I live with my parents while finishing my degree, and we have three pets. Lily is a Labrador-Spaniel mix that is about 10 years old. Her legs are a bit short for a Lab, but she still likes to throw her weight around. She will try to force your hand down to her chest by pushing it with her neck because she loves getting attention. If you give her a stuffed toy, she'll treat it like her new baby and carry it everywhere with her. Wilson is a German Shepherd-Collie mix of about three years. We adopted him from his litter when he was still a tiny pup. He's active and playful. Everything is a game for him and he loves to chew on horns, bully sticks and bones. Twitch is a black and gray Tabby that is about 11 years old. After being spayed she put on a little weight. With my new knowledge working at The Pet Beastro, I've been trying to make improvements to her health. I've been able to improve her mood and the quality of her coat. She loves attention and would prefer to have someone giving her love at all times of the day.

Why did you want to work for The Pet Beastro?

I wanted to find work that would help me learn new skills while trying to finish my degree at college.

What have you learned by working at The Pet Beastro?

I've sharpened my retail skills and become more knowledgeable about nutrition as a whole.

What is your favorite part of your job at The Pet Beastro?

Being there to meet pets and eventually having the pets remember you and be excited to see you.

What is your favorite product at The Pet Beastro and Why?

I'm very fond of the Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards treats. Feeding treats is a great way to establish and maintain a relationship with your pet. Freeze-dried raw treats are a great addition to a healthier bowl.

What is your advice or best tip for pet parents?

Health is about small improvements. If you feed better and supply proper nutrition, you'll see the improvement you'll want to continue to see.

What do you most enjoy doing in your free time?

I love games, so that means I love playing video games, card games, party games, and if you can get a group of people together, I'd like to play more sports too. I'm a sucker for role-playing games and Rogue-like games. I've played Yu-Gi-Oh for about twelve years in and out of official tournaments. I also do some sketching in my free time. I've been nursing talent for it since I was little, though not professionally. I'm also a repository of references to old cartoons, movies and games, and a big voice acting nerd. I could have a conversation using phrases from Spongebob.



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