Meet Nikki!

Meet Nikki!

Nikki’s favorite part of her job at The Pet Beastro is being able to help customers and their pets find the products that are right for them to help them on their pet's journey to a more natural and healthy way of life.

Meet Nikki:

We are excited to add Nikki to the team. 

Do you have pets at home? 

I have an all-black miniature dachshund puppy named Bean! We named him Bean because we thought he looked like a dark-chocolate covered espresso bean and my family and I are coffee addicts! He celebrated his first birthday on September 16th, 2019! He is the sweetest, cuddliest, most lovable dachshund you'll ever meet! His favorite pastime is snuggling up in your lap under some warm blankets and showering you with sweet kisses! His favorite toys are all of his plush Fluff N' Tuff squeaky toys. He has a small gator he loves to carry around the house! His favorite food is any of the Primal Frozen and Freeze-Dried Raw formulas. His favorite treats are the Etta Says Yumm Sticks. His favorite game is playing tug-of-war and fetch with his squeaky toys! He also loves finding treats hidden in his Outward Hound puzzle toys!

Why did you want to work for The Pet Beastro?

I wanted to work at The Pet Beastro because they are a smaller pet store that focuses on natural pet care and environmentally-friendly business practices. This correlated strongly with my degree in Integrative Studies focusing on Environmental Science that I have just graduated with. The Pet Beastro holds the same beliefs that I hold and focuses on the same knowledge that I have acquired in school. These factors made the opportunity feel meant to be!

What have you learned by working at The Pet Beastro?

At The Pet Beastro, I have learned the most about raw feeding and all of the health benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet. It helped me start my new puppy's nutrition off right by transitioning him to a raw diet right away. I am now able to help inform customers about all the benefits of raw feeding and how to find the product that best suits their needs.

What is your favorite part of your job at The Pet Beastro?

My favorite part of my job at The Pet Beastro is being able to help customers and their pets find the products that are right for them and help them on their pet's journey to a more natural and healthy way of life. I love connecting with the customers and learning about their pets to find the best way to help them. It's always great when customers bring their pets to the store so the staff and I can give them attention and treats!

What is your favorite product at The Pet Beastro and Why?

My favorite product at The Pet Beastro is Wondercide Flea & Tick Control because it is an all-natural alternative for protecting your pet from fleas & ticks without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. It allows me to protect my dog from fleas & ticks without the worry of using toxic chemicals that could cause bad neurological effects.

What is your advice or best tip for pet parents?

My advice for pet parents that are looking to transition to raw feeding is to have a lot of patience and not get discouraged if their pet does not take to raw feeding right away. Some pets are picky and take more time to transition to raw. Start small by adding either some frozen or freeze-dried raw to each meal little by little to get them used to the change in diet. If you have patience and start small and build your way up, you'll be able to successfully get your pet on a raw diet in no time!

What do you most enjoy doing in your free time?

My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, playing video games, and relaxing with some adult coloring books! I am also a huge superhero and pop culture nerd! My favorite TV shows are Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, and all the Marvel Netflix shows!

I also took English equestrian riding lessons for years, so I love horseback riding! In my free time, I love taking Bean on walks to the park or taking him for rides in the car!


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