Kick-Off 2022 With Fresh Raw Pet Food

Kick-Off 2022 With Fresh Raw Pet Food

Happy New Year to you and your furry family members! Kick-Off 2022 and consider adding fresh food to your cat or dog's bowl! Feed your pet the way nature intended with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that will turn mealtime into your cat or dog's favorite part of the day. 

Happy New Year to you and your furry family members! Kick-off 2022 with a fresh start and consider adding something fresh to your cat or dog's bowl! Feed your pet the way nature intended with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that will turn mealtime into your cat or dog's favorite part of the day. 

Pets Love Fresh Food 

Pet Beastro team member, Sarah, shared, "I have never seen my dog love feeding time so much since adding a Primal Pet Food fresh topper to her food. I have tried goat milk, bone broth, and butcher's blend, and she loves them all! I had no idea before working at The Pet Beastro that something like a fresh food topper existed." 

Fresh, High Quality, & All-Natural Pet Food Ingredients

Sarah has been learning all about Primal Pet Foods and how adding a few fresh ingredients to her furry best friend's bowl can improve her pet's health and longevity. She is very excited to share her experience and how her dog is now loving and excited about mealtime with you.

Your experience with adding fresh pet food might be just like hers, or maybe you are just now learning about the benefits of adding raw pet food to your pet's diet. Both cats and dogs can show significant health improvements and see benefits in just a short amount of time. We carry several brands of fresh raw pet food that vary from complete and balanced to supplemental feeding, from single protein to blended proteins, from poultry to red meat varieties, from HPP to fermented, from cat to dog, to fill all of their needs or diet restrictions. When you feed a pet-safe raw food, you eliminate the need for grains, carbohydrates, fillers, synthetic vitamins, or nasty chemical preservatives. 

8 Common Misconceptions About Raw Pet Food

Outlined below are common misconceptions or myths about feeding a raw pet food diet. We hope that after reading this, you will seriously consider adding fresh pet food to improve your cat or dog's health, nutrition, and overall quality of life. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Raw Pet Food Myth Number One:

This smaller portion doesn't seem like enough food for my cat or dog.

Of course, young animals need to eat more, more often, and double or triple the calories of an adult cat or dog. How much raw do I need to feed my cat or cat? There are a few ways to answer this. When eating a whole raw meal, an adult animal will eat approximately two percent of its body weight. You can also figure out calories needed based on your pet's weight. We have heard from many customers that their dog gobbled down their raw meals and are still acting hungry—a positive response to the enjoyment of their new meal. When we like something, we always want more! Raw portions seem smaller than what you might scoop from a kibble bag. Raw pet food is more bioavailable, meaning the body utilizes more nutrients. Raw pet food also offers a higher digestibility rate, which is digested and available as energy. Both processes leave smaller, less smelly stools since there are no fillers. If you are on poop scoop duty, this most likely sounds appealing!

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Two:

Feeding only soft food is bad for my dog or cat's teeth.

We often hear from pet parents that the belief is that crunchy dry food will scrape your cat or dog's teeth, in turn keeping them clean. False information unless the food contains rare proprietary ingredients within the formula supports tooth and gum health and removes plaque. Most often, the carbohydrates from dry food stick to your pet's teeth, causing plaque and other dental diseases. You can have less chance of that happening from a raw food diet. If you include raw meaty bones with your pet's natural diet, this is one of the best ways to improve tooth and gum health.                                     

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Three:

It seems crazy expensive.

There are many easy ways to incorporate fresh food that fit into all budgets. You can start with a small amount or make it the entire diet. Again, being realistic, veterinarian bills for ear infections, skin infections, chronic gastrointestinal issues, pharmaceuticals, etc., are not inexpensive either. If putting the right fuel in the body keeps those chronic issues at bay, then I would say you are investing your money wisely when it comes to nutrition. Your health and your pet's health are worth the cost of having grass-fed, organic veggies and pasture-raised meat. If you have multiple pets, we offer a bulk buying program when purchasing by the case. Just email us at [email protected] to sign up. We also encourage adding raw meaty bones to help offset the cost with large breed dogs. Adding just 20 - 30% fresh food can help reduce chronic diseases that ail our pets while improving their health and longevity. We think your pet is worth it!

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Four:

My pet will get worms.

Meat can be a source of parasites, but it is uncommon when purchasing from a well-known pet food manufacturer. They use clean and healthy meat from established farmers and have good working & transparent relationships with each farm's operations. And we only offer natural, safe, high-quality products in our store that meets The Pet Beastro Promise. In reality, an animal can pick up parasites from just about anywhere - tap water, mud puddles, dirt, the park, your daily walk, doggie daycare, gut disorders, excessive stress, fleas, human family members, the list goes on. Parasites are much more complicated than simply consuming a raw diet. However, feeding one of our pet-safe raw diets is rarely going to be the culprit to your pet's parasite problems.

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Five:

My vet disagrees with raw feeding.

Conventional veterinarians practicing western medicine commonly disagree with raw feeding. Veterinarians are often not updated on nutrition and don't explicitly keep up with newer pet food trends and companies at no fault to the practicing veterinarian. They have enough to keep up with, from new pharmaceuticals to new equipment to continuing education yearly, plus acting as entrepreneurs to keep their practice running. It's no fault of their own that nutrition slips to the wayside unless they want to learn about wellness from their passion of understanding of how food heals the body, not just pharmaceuticals. Now, I would back every veterinarian disapproving of raw feeding when they see a dog or cat eating an unbalanced raw diet, which could lead to health issues. 

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Six:

I am feeding my pets nothing but protein. 

Meat consists of protein, but it contains many other essential nutrients that make up the complete diet. For dogs, we often see up to 20% produce added. Dogs are considered omnivores where fruits and veggies would be in the diet if left to their own. Many of our raw food companies use whole food ingredients for trace minerals and vitamins while avoiding synthetic additives to complete the diet. Cats, however, do better with a much smaller percentage of veggies to omitted veggies as they are obligate carnivores meaning they thrive on a high-meat content diet. Organ meats are full of amino acids needed for mechanically working at our cellular level. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and assist in many critical functions of the body. Each balanced diet includes a calcium source such as raw ground bone, fat, omegas, moisture, and trace minerals. In short, the balance of a raw diet is more than just protein. 

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Seven:

I'm worried about bacteria or contamination.

The raw pet food world has been under a microscope and scrutiny for several years now. As new raw food companies continue to flood the industry, there is no doubt that the fresh food movement is gaining traction, and pet parents like you want to do better for their pets. Statistically, more dry pet food products have been recalled than raw pet food products for salmonella. However, we often associate bacteria and pathogens with raw meat, not the dry kibble that has been cooked and then put into bags for scooping. Raw pet food companies are routinely testing their products for pathogens. They have a zero-tolerance policy that states that if there is a trace of a bacteria cell, it will be recalled at any stage of the manufacturing process and after the processing. This super strict policy doesn't apply to manufacturers who process kibble pet food. Excellent pet food manufacturers will conduct independent testing of products at all stages, no matter what they produce. These are the folks that we support and carry in our store.

Raw Pet Food Myth Number Eight:

My dog or cat is domesticated and not a wild animal.

Most domesticated animals still have high DNA content from their ancestors even though breeding has changed. However, many would argue that our domesticated animals have changed as much as pet food has over the years. If you ask anyone who grew up before the late 1950s, they would tell you that their dog ate scraps from the home or farm. We know kibble pet food didn't exist until after World War II, when pet food manufacturing became a convenient way to use human food by-products. Cats would hunt for field mice or rodents for meals and still do when living outdoors and tend to prefer a high moisture, high meat diet. We have seen over the years that cats and dogs still thrive when fed a diet and can still fully digest what would be as close to what they would eat in the wild.

Some Raw Is Better Than No Raw

We advocate that some raw food is better than no raw food! Even just adding 10% raw pet food or some fresh toppers can make a significant improvement on your dog or cat's health. Anyone of our team members would be happy to help show you fresh and raw options that fit your budget and what works best for you and your four-legged friends. If you have further questions about making the switch to raw/fresh ingredients, any one of our staff members can help you find the right option for your pets! Visit us at our retail store in Madison Heights, Michigan, or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store online to learn more.


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