Why Your Pet Needs Iodine

Why Your Pet Needs Iodine

Iodine is a trace mineral that is essential for the body. Iodine can help with many functions throughout the body but is most important for the proper function of the thyroid gland.

Iodine is a trace mineral that is essential for the body. As of late, it appears to be more necessary than ever before.

I hear of so many animals that seem symptomatic of a weakened thyroid yet nothing is being done to support it because the “diagnostic” tests don’t coincide. The main reason for this trace minerals importance is because of the tsunami that hit Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011, that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Deadly plutonium was reported both inside and outside the plant after this disaster as well as radiation 1,150 times the maximum allowable levels were detected in the ocean waters just north of Japan. Natural News reported that less than a month later on March 31, 2011, Detroit City Water Supply was tested at  0.28 pCi/l for radioactive Iodine-131 and the EPA did not test for cesium, uranium or plutonium all which are much more deadly and continue to leak from the power plant into the atmosphere. And it just doesn’t stop with our water but our food supply and milk have been tested with high levels of Iodine-131 throughout the world.

Iodine is one of those trace minerals which the body absorbs in a very miniscule amount when the pH of the system is just right. However, if you or your pet is depleted in iodine, any amount at any pH will give benefits. And just how do you get iodine? One way of getting iodine is by using a high-potency iodine supplement but if that is not available you can get it from food sources such as black walnut, kelp and other sea plants, fish, artichokes, asparagus, blueberries, carrots, chives, cucumbers, garlic, quail, and watercress. Processed, refined and preserved foods can weaken the thyroid giving more reasons to feed raw, wholesome foods to our pets.

Iodine is also important for our pregnant mother whether it’s animal or humankind. Studies show that low iodine concentrations in pregnant women increase their risk for cretinism, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, human growth hormone deficiency and other health issues in children

Why we need Iodine

Following describes why iodine should be so important to both us and our pets. Iodine can help with many functions throughout the body but is most important for the proper function of the thyroid gland. Iodine is mostly concentrated in the thyroid and the second highest concentration in the body (especially for females) is in the ovaries. Every cell in the body contains and utilizes iodine. Besides the glandular system, it can also be stored in the salivary glands, cerebrospinal fluid, brain, gastric mucosa, choroid plexus, breasts and ciliary body of the eye. Other reasons you or your pet could benefit from iodine include:

  • low energy or lethargy
  • hypothyroid
  • hyperthyroid
  • hair loss
  • fibrous breast tissue
  • autoimmune issues involving the thyroid
  • heart and lung problems
  • extreme nervousness
  • restlessness
  • mental degeneration
  • goiters
  • ADHD

We are deficient in Iodine

Michigan and Ohio areas were found to be very deficient in iodine and lacking in our local foods and resources.  In the early 1900’s many food manufacturers started adding iodine to food sources to help decrease the chances of goiters and other thyroid related diseases. In the 1980’s many of those companies took the added iodine supplement out of the food. Most people are familiar with Iodized Table salt. What is misunderstood is that iodized table salt does not have enough iodine to promote a healthy thyroid and it has a bunch of other ingredients that aren’t necessary.

Iodine supplements available at The Pet Beastro:

  • ThyroComplex by Progressive Labs
  • Liquid Iodine
  • Kelp supplements by Wholistic Pet, Animal Naturals or PetKelp
  • Black Walnut by Nature’s Sunshine

The important thing to understand is that no levels of radioactive iodine are ever good for the body. None. Zero. Zilch. In order for our body to not uptake radioactive iodine, it is imperative that we put the correct amount of iodine into our bodies daily to fulfill the cell receptor’s docking site before the radioactive iodine fills in the parking spot. If we do this regimen for ourselves, why wouldn’t we do it for the sake of our cats and dogs to increase their longevity and reduce the chance of thyroid ailments?

Sources: NaturalNews.com, The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jenson, Iodine: Why You Need It 4th Edition by David Brownstein, MD


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    We sure SureI take Lugol's Iodine. I heard it is great and very healthy for dogs. Can I put a few drops in their water?

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