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Use daily to help relax and calm your senior dog. This calming spray will help aid in relaxation, memory, and ease any discomfort. Spray is effective within a minutes and can be used as needed. Shake before use. Spray on your hands and massage the backside of the pet multiple times a day or as needed.


Hold spray eight to ten inches away from your pet to create a light mist effect on your pet’s torso. Spray can also be sprayed into your pets water bowl. Use daily if necessary, or before any upcoming events that may trigger stress in your furry friend! Avoid direct contact with eyes.



Vibrationally Charged Spring Water infused with:

Flower of Life - an ancient energetic symbol of Life associated with physical & emotional healing

Vibration of Gold – balances the mind and enhancing healing abilities Acer – Provides feelings of balance and confidence to help trust

Reiki Energy –a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes physical healing and emotional well-being

Amethyst- promotes peacefulness, happiness, and emotional stability

Carnelian – detox, helps with courage to overcome

Pipestone- protective stone, aids in connecting the physical and spiritual

Fossilized Wood- helps to restore energy and relieve hip and back pain

Amber- memory of wellness

Zinnia – enhances one’s ability to rediscover the child-like qualities of playfulness, joy, delight, unconditional love, and a spirit of lighthearted innocence and adventure.


Store in a cool, dry place away from electronics.

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