DISC Coastal Safari Cat Bristle Brush

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Your cat's coat will look amazing after using a high-quality pet grooming brush from Coastal! This Safari Cat Bristle Brush is perfect for cats that love to shed. Features soft yet strong bristles to easily and painlessly remove tangles and extra hair for a smooth shed-free coat! Keeps your furniture and house clean and free from cat hair! Helps reduce the frequency of hairballs. Has a contoured bamboo handle for convenient grooming. Good for all coat types. Your cat's coat will shine with health after trying a Coastal pet grooming brush! Recommended by the Pet Beastro to have your cat looking styled!


Help reduce your kitty's hairballs with The Pet Beastro's Blog "3 Ways To Prevent Hairballs in Cats!"


Directions: For long-haired cats, separate the hair in sections, brushing each area until all mats and tangles have been removed. For short-haired cats, use long strokes, brushing in the direction of hair growth. 

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