Conair Pet-It Curry Comb

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The Conair PRO Pet-It Dog Curry Comb will be your new go-to product for grooming your furry friend! This brush helps remove dirt while also removing loose fur. The handle free design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand creating the sensation of petting, this will help create a more relaxing grooming process for anxious pets. Slip the grip through your fingers and groom away! This brush will move smoothly through the coat to help distribute the natural oils that your pet produces to help keep a healthy and shiny coat!



Directions: Start at the head and work toward the tail. Use firm, but gentle strokes. For pets with thick coats, brush in the opposite direction of natural hair growth starting at the skin and brushing outward. When the entire coat is brushed this way, start over and brush with the grain. For all other coats, brush in the direction of natural hair growth. Use long strokes for long haired pets, and short strokes for pets with short or wiry hair.

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