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Make grooming time easy and relaxing with the Conair Pet-It Slicker Brush! This easy-to-use tool makes grooming a breeze! The handle-less design contours to the shape of your hand and flows across your dog’s coat. The petting-motion used to brush makes for great bonding time with your furry friend! Features stainless steel pins with soft comfort tips for gentle grooming. Pins reach deep into your dog’s coat without irritating skin. Perfect for all dog breeds and coats! Recommended for daily use to keep your dog’s coat smooth and healthy! Chosen by the Pet Beastro for your grooming needs!





Pet-It grooming tools features Palm-Petting Grip Technology. Slip the grip (found on the backside of brush) between your index and middle finger to hold the brush in the palm of your hand. These tools fit seamlessly in the palm of the hand to allow you to groom your pet comfortably with a natural petting motion. This reduces the likelihood of startling your pet.

Different coats sometimes require different brushes. Prior to brushing, you may want to consider spraying on a detangling grooming mist, which will condition the hair and make brushing easier.

Be systematic about brushing. Start at the head and work toward the tail. Use firm, but gentle strokes with an emphasis on gentle. Pulling or ripping through tangles and mats hurts your pet and quickly erodes trust. Brushing can and should be a pleasurable experience, so take your time.

For pets with thick coats, first brush in the opposite direction of natural hair growth starting at the skin and brushing outward. When the entire coat is brushed this way, start over and brush with the grain. For all other coats, brush in the direction of natural hair growth. Use long strokes for longhaired pets, and short strokes for pets with short or wiry hair.

After brushing, you can use a comb to remove more of the loose hair. A hand-held vacuum also does a good job if your pet will tolerate the noise.

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