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Holistic Hound Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Treats Chicken 7.5 mg (7 oz)

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Calm your pet and soothe their joint pain the natural way with some Holistic Hound Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Treats! Holistic Hound was founded in Berkeley, California by certified homeopath, Heidi Hill with over 15 years experience in order to provide healthy all-natural supplements for pets. Holistic Hound Hemp Oil Treats are the ideal all-natural tasty alternative to relieving your pet's anxiety and joint pain! Only made with organic full-spectrum hemp for the purest and most natural product. Also features an organic blend of 5 mushrooms: Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria & Turkey Tail for added immune support. All hemp is carefully monitored and grown at organic Colorado hemp farms. Every batch is 3rd party lab-tested to ensure the highest quality control. All chicken used is organic and pasture-raised from family farms in Wisconsin. All ingredients are proudly sourced in the USA. Features a delicious chicken flavor your pet will love! Made in USA. Holistic Hound is a trusted fan-favorite at the Pet Beastro!


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Active Ingredients: Organic full spectrum hemp oil…………………..7.5 mg CBD
Organic Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria, Turkey Tail (50 mg of each)………………..250 mg


Inactive Ingredients: Chickpeas, organic carrots, organic coconut oil, organic pasture raised chicken, organic sweet potatoes, pea flour




Administration Guidelines: 7.5 mg CBD per bite

One bite per 50-60 lbs of body weight once or twice daily, or as needed.
Holistic Hound products can be administered once or twice daily, or as needed. Because our full spectrum hemp is non-intoxicating, you can give more or less until desired results are achieved.

For optimal results, give on an empty stomach, without food. The dosing instructions for each product are located on the back of the label.

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