P.L.A.Y. Dog Toys Ball Wobble 2.0 Interactive Holiday Red One Size

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Keep your pup entertained while keeping their mind stimulated with a fun interactive toy from P.L.A.Y.! The Wobble Ball Dog Toy is a fun and unique way to workout your dog's body and mind! The special opening in the ball is just the right size to stuff your pup's favorite treats in! Watch them use their nose, mouth, and paws to try and jiggle the treats out! Your dog won't be able to resist the sounds of their favorite treats shaking around inside the ball! Watch your dog roll and bat the ball around to get the yummy goodies out! This interactive puzzle toy is made from durable pet-safe materials. Convenient design makes cleaning a breeze! Ideal for use as a slow-feeder! This special Holiday edition of the Wobble Ball Dog Toy will help get your pooch into the holiday spirit! The inside of the ball features an adorable Christmas theme, including presents and a pine tree! The festive Poinsettia red is perfect for playtime during chilly winter days! Dishwasher Safe. Picked by the Pet Beastro to stimulate your pup's body and mind!




Size: One Size (5.19" diameter x 5.1")




Safety: The Wobble Ball is not a chew or fetch toy, but a fun interactive treat dispensing toy. If your pup starts chewing on the Wobble Ball, remove the toy and set it down in a different place to restart the play cycle. The Wobble Ball is meant to be nudged, pawed and rolled around with your dog's paw and snout, and your dog's jaw should never be forced into the openings. 

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