Flower Essence Services Animal Relief Formula 1 oz Dropper

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Help your pet's body and mind with a natural flower remedy from Flower Essence Services! Flower Essence Services provide all-natural and organic flower remedies to aid with your pet's physical and mental health. Each vial is made from limited-packaging recycled materials for an eco-friendly alternative to standard flower remedy supplements. Flower Essence Services also manages a large-scale composting program to help give back to the environment. Each flower essence is made with all-natural ingredients that are gentle and safe for your pet. Animal Relief Formula aids your pet's mental health and helps heal depression, stress, and anxiety. Made in USA. Flower Essence Services is an independent locally-owned company in California that is trusted by the Pet Beastro for your pet's supplemental needs!


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  • Arnica – Recovery from shock and trauma – embodiment and integration of energy bodies with the physical body following disruption and disassociation
  • Bleeding Heart – To help heal abandonment and separation; to facilitate new bonding and connection following displacement
  • Echinacea – To restore wholeness and dignity by rejuvenating the core immune system and sense of self
  • Fireweed – Recovery of vital forces following devastation, trauma, and injury
    Five-Flower Formula – Fundamental composite formula developed by Dr. Bach to provide relief in all rescue and recovery situations
  • Holly – To encourage and restore basic loving impulses, bonding and connection; to facilitate heart-based relationships based upon trust
  • Mariposa Lily – To provide mothering comfort and nurturing forces for abandoned or abused animals; to restore mothering instincts to female animals
  • Oregon Grape – To restore trust when violent, abusive or degrading circumstances have created defensive barriers
  • Poison Oak – To restore capacity to be touched and natural vulnerability; to heal boundary or skin issues due to hyper-defensiveness and prior trauma
  • Red Clover – To help calm the heart and blood matrix; to ease anxiety or tendency to panic
  • Sweet Pea – To instill new bonding and territorial instincts following displacement and abandonment
  • Wild Rose – To bring new joy for life and will to live despite prior­ challenging circumstances

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