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Holistic Blend Seagreens Powder 11.6 oz

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* This product is discontinued and now marketed as "Raw Support Supplements Complete." * Find it here: https://www.thepetbeastro.com/raw-support-supplements-complete-62-oz.html


Help your pet stay healthy and vibrant with a natural supplement from Holistic Blend! These all-natural herbal supplements are a great way to add extra nutritional benefits to your pet's diet. Seagreens Powder blend provides a plethora of health benefits for your pet to aid common issues caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals that are lacking from many commercial pet foods. Helps aid with excessive shedding, scratching, paw licking, hot spots, ear infections, lethargy, and hypo-thyroid issues. Features Canadian Seaweed harvested from the virgin waters of Newfoundland. Seagreens blend contains 12 vitamins, 60 trace minerals, 21 amino acids, digestive enzymes & probiotics to promote good overall health. Proudly hand-selected by the Pet Beastro for your pet's healthy and vitality!




Ingredients: Dried seaweed (19 different types), dehydrated bioflavonoids, ground flax meal, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, complex vitamin B, digestive enzymes, probiotics.




Administration Guidelines:

*Serving Tip: Mix Seagreens powder with a little warm water and stir into your pet's food.*

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