InClover Cat Connectin Powder 3.2 oz

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Product description

In Clover Connectin is specially formulated to help create a natural and safe supplement to help your furry friend feel their absolute best! In Clover Connectin has added glucosamine and chondroitin plus additional herbs that work together to heal joints and help maintain healthy body movement. This powder will help promote lubrication of joints and help reduce inflammation caused by arthritic pain and other conditions. Inclover Connectin powder has a tasty pork flavor made from real and natural pork liver which makes it taste like an irresistible treat!


Ingredients (per chewable tablet)

Glucosamine HCl 125 mg
Mucopolysaccharides 60 mg
Yucca Root 55 mg
Nettle Leaf 45 mg
Alfalfa Extract 35 mg
Devil's Claw Extract 10 mg
Black Cohosh 11 mg
Celery Seed 12 mg
Ginger Root 5 mg
Turmeric Root 1 mg
Cayenne Pepper 1 mg

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