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LickiMat is the perfect way to keep your pet entertained for hours! Never feel guilty again about leaving your pet alone in the house! With LickiMat, your furry friend will find fun trying to lick all the yummy treat off their mat! Perfect for the pet that gets bored easily! The serenity of licking the mat will help soothe your pet into a state of calm and relaxation. Great for promoting ease during storms or when left home alone. The repetition of licking helps release happy endorphins in the body. Repetitive licking also aids in slower digestion from increased saliva production while allowing your pet to savor the taste. The textured pattern allows for soft spreads like yogurt or peanut butter to be applied easily. Try freezing spreads or drinks for a refreshing long-lasting twist! Each anti-skid base LickiMat is vet developed and made with non-toxic materials. Dishwasher-Safe. Recommended by the Pet Beastro for hours of soothing entertainment for your best friend!


Learn more about the benefits of interactive slow feeding mats here!

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