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Z Mine Pet Platter | Small Bone Red

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Make your pet's feeding time extraordinary with a Mine Pet Platter! These interactive feeding mats make your pet's mealtimes engaging, exciting, and fun! Mine Pet Platters are specially designed to unleash the instinctive eating behavior of dogs and cats and providing them the ultimate natural feeding territory. Ideal for use with any pet food and treats. Perfect for kibble, wet food, raw, treats, and more! Try spreading peanut butter or yogurt for an extra fun treat! Knife and utensil safe so it can be used during the preparation of pet meals. 100% designed, sourced and made in the USA using durable yet eco-friendly cellulose fiber. BPA-Free. Food-Safe. Dishwasher-Safe. Recyclable. Made in USA. Recommended by the Pet Beastro to make your pet's mealtimes extra special!

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