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Molly Mutt Stuff Sack Extra Large(XL)/Large

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Keep the inside of your Molly Mutt bed clean and organized with this convenient Stuff Sack! The Molly Mutt Stuff Sack mesh bag allows you turn the inside of your dog's Molly Mutt bed into storage space! Keeps the interior of the bed tidy and lump-free for a comfortable mattress for your pup! Stuff your dog's Molly Mutt bed with comfy items like old clothes to create a plush mattress! And it will smell like you, putting your pup at ease! When the Stuff Sack gets dirty, simply toss it and all its contents into the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning! The mesh liner allows the interior of the Stuff Sack to get cleaned! Made from 100% nylon with zippered opening for easy application. Fits comfortably into the interior of your Molly Mutt bed! Molly Mutt is a trusted company in California picked by the Pet Beastro for your pet's bed needs! 

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