Nature's Sunshine Grooming Care and Cleaning Concentrate Cleaner 32 fl oz

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Appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, walls, etc.:1 tsp. per quart of warm water.
Dishes, bowls, glasses, silverware, etc.: 2 tsp. per average basin of hot water.
Pots and pans: 2 Tbsp. per gallon of hot water.
Floors: 2 Tbsp. per gallon of hot water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water before applying wax.
Mirrors, windows, glass: 1 tsp. per gallon of water; spray or sponge on, rinse, wipe dry.
Stain removal: Use full strength before laundering, to help remove ball-point ink, chocolate, lipstick, shoe polish or grease from washable, color-fast material.
Ceramic and plastic tile:2 Tbsp. per gallon of water. Sponge or spray on. Rinse. Is also safe for wood floors and woodwork.
Hand and body cleanser and shampoo: Place a few. drops in palm, rub well, rinse. For bathing, add 2 tsp. per tub of water.
Fruits and vegetables: 1/2 tsp. per basin of cool water. Wash well, rinse thoroughly to remove sprays, waxes and pesticides.
Hand washables:1 tsp. per quart lukewarm water. Use for silks, woolens and other fine washables. Wring gently, rinse well.
Laundry booster: Add 1/4 cup to water to boost the cleaning power of laundry compound.

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