Snook's Herbal Dips Flea Tea Herbal Dip 1 oz

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Snook's Herbal Dips Flea Tea Herbal Dip is made with a natural blend of Organic Rosemary, Organic Elder Flowers, Organic Comfrey Leaf, Pennyroyal Leaf and Citronella oil. We love this product to use as an external rinse at the end of your pet's bath or you can steep it as a tea and place in a spray bottle for everyday use. It's best to steep the tea bag in a covered container and then let the tea come to room temperature before using on your pet. If placed in a spray bottle, it's best to refrigerate and remake the tea every few days for best results.


Usage: Snook's Herbal Dips Flea Tea Herbal Dip is Prepared like a pot of tea. You may also put directly in the bathtub with hot water. Allow bag to soak in tub a few minutes before use to allow the herbal dip to disperse evenly into the hot water. Gently rinse dog with tea water and leave on tea residue. This will help soothe any irritated skin on your pet. It can also aid in healing sores and eradicate fleas.

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