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Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Dog Chews | Gullet Lamb Twist 12" single

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Make your dog's chew-time fun and healthy with all-natural Lamb Gullet Twists from The Natural Dog Company! This chew features two pieces of lamb gullet twisted together for a durable and textured chew. These chews are a less-dense alternative to a bully stick. A great alternative for dog's with beef allergies or sensitivities. Made in USA. Picked by the Pet Beastro for your pup's chewing!


The Natural Dog Company Gullet Sticks are a good softer alternative to bully sticks! Helps keep your dog's teeth healthy! Try some today!

See why The Natural Dog Company Gullet Sticks are in The Pet Beastro's "Top 20 Dog & Cat Products of 2020" here!


Ingredients: 100% Lamb Gullet




Recommended for: Small to medium sized dogs, senior dogs, dogs with missing teeth, picky eaters.



Chew Time: It's a quick treat for medium to large dogs, and a moderately lasting chew for toy breeds or puppies.

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