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Ticked Off is a one motion tick remover tool designed to help you remove ticks quickly and in an effective manner. The Ticked Off tool is easy to both hold and use and is a gentle way in removing disease carrying ticks from both people and animals of all shapes and sizes.


  • Removes both unattached and attached ticks
  • Easy to use
  • Physician & veterinarian endorsed
  • Helps to reduce risk of diseases caused by ticks
  • Allows for no human contact with tick
  • Great for both people and animals of all sizes


Usage: Isolate the tick and place the wide part of the notch on the skin near the tick. Apply pressure down on the skin, slide the Ticked Off remover forward so the small part of the notch is framing the tick. The forward sliding motion of the remover will detach the tick from the skin. Once the if necessary. Clean the tick remover with alcohol or disinfectant after each use.


*Ticked Off colors vary and will be randomly selected upon order*

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