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The Pet Beastro Vital Essentials Raw Bar Duck Feet Single All-Natural Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Protein Limited-Ingredient

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Satisfy your canine's natural craving for raw meat with an all-natural treat from Vital Essentials! Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats are the perfect way to satiate your dog's inner wolf! These limited-ingredient treats are packed with pure protein for a healthy and nutritious snack! Perfect for in-between mealtimes! Only made from the best high-quality meats sourced in the USA without any hormones, antibiotics, or artificial additives. Duck Feet are a great natural source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus! The unique shape and texture of the duck feet also helps gently clean your pup's teeth for good oral health! Your dog won't be able to get enough of these flavorful treats! Treat your dog the way nature intended with these all-natural raw treats from Vital Essentials! Grain & Gluten-Free. No Artificial Additives. Made in USA. Vital Essentials is a trusted company selected by the Pet Beastro to provide your pet with the best in raw feeding!




Ingredients: Duck Feet




Feeding Guidelines: VE RAW BAR Snacks are designed as a treat and are not intended to be fed as a complete and balanced diet.




Preparation & Storage: Store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.




Safety: Wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes and related areas thoroughly with hot, soapy water after each feeding.

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