Zero Bug Zone Products Mosquito Single Pack for Dogs

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Zero Bug Zone Products Mosquito Repelling Barrier for Dogs is a 100% chemical free and natural mosquito repelling frequency barrier that can be used on dogs of all sizes. Provides protection for up to 90 days. Zero Bug Zone Products are eco-friendly, odor free, non toxic, and safe for dogs of all ages.


Zero Bug Zone Products Flea & Tick Single Pack for Dogs Contains:

- One Mosquito Tag


How it works: Zero Bug Zone Products Mosquito Repelling Barrier Pack for Dogs is a chemical free and natural product that protects both people and animals of all shapes and sizes against insects without the need to use sprays that may be harmful to people or animals. Zero Bug Zone Products create a barrier that is designed to protect people, pets and animals from insects. Different insects are repelled by a different frequencies. The frequency is encoded into a magnetic strip on the pet tag. The natural energy fields that are created by an animal or person expands the specific frequency, which in turn creates a strong invisible barrier from many kinds of pesky bugs.


Simply clip onto your pets collar for immediate protection!

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