Bonne et Filou

Bonne et Filou, named by French King Louis XIV himself, were two pups that knew a thing or two about luxury! And that is what the Bonne et Filou brand is here to bring your pet - a little piece of luxurious heaven!

Created by founders Nico, Linzi, and their sweet Cavapoo, Filou, the couple wanted to share their love of French desserts with everyone, even their furry companions. Nico started by making pet-friendly macaroons for Filou to enjoy. This inspired the couple to create the same homemade treats for pets everywhere to enjoy! And so the company was born!

Bonne et Filou uses the inspiration of French heritage to bring your pet luxurious treats that will make them feel like royalty! They offer special pet-safe macaroons your furry friend will love! They only use the highest-quality natural ingredients that are human-grade and delicious. All ingredients are sourced from trusted local suppliers and every treat is proudly made in the USA. They allow you to spoil your pet with a heavenly treat that is both scrumptious and healthy!

Give your pet a bite of heaven with Bonne et Filou!

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