The Pet Beastro Code of Ethics

TPB-the pet beastro media kit for natural pet food, raw options for cat and dog, treats, toys and supplies online and in Madison Heights Michigan
We want to help you feed your dog and or cat better, so your pet feels healthier, and they live longer,’ which is why we diligently research every product we carry and the services we offer. We only carry natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies. 

The Pet Beastro’s Code of Ethics:

  • We do not diagnose.
  • We do not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.
  • We do not administer vaccinations.
  • We do not perform any invasive procedures.
  • We exist as a trusted resource that informs and educates all pet parents.
  • We are here to expose you to non-drug options, allowing you to make the most suitable decision as your pet’s caregiver.
  • We offer naturopathic consults using non-invasive techniques and suggestions to improve your pet’s well-being and longevity. Learn more here. 
  • We are here to provide you with superb food, treat, and supplement options for your pet’s health. Shop here! 
  • We are here to offer hope and support on your holistic journey with your pet.

If you have any questions or would like further insights into the mission of The Pet Beastro, call us at 248-548-3448, or stop by our retail locations in Madison Heights, Michigan or Warren, Michigan during our store during business hours.

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