The Pet Beastro Team

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We truly have the best people that work here at The Pet Beastro. We pride ourselves on being a family. Our team of natural pet food and care specialists is top-notch, and their desire to help our customers is unmatched.

We offer the largest raw pet food selection in Metro Detroit, and several staff members are raw feeding certified. Learn more about our raw feeding certification process here. 

If you would like to join our team, please click here.

Meet The Owner, Jill:

Dr. Jill Tack is a board-certified naturopathic doctor who has earned a reputation in the metro Detroit area as a leading expert on natural and alternative health, organic and raw pet food, and overall nutrition. She opened The Pet Beastro in 2005, located in Madison Heights, Michigan, and is much more than a retail pet food store. It is a team of dedicated staff members with extensive training in pet nutrition, naturopathy, holistic healing principles, and all the product lines they carry. They believe that if you feed your pet better, they will feel healthier and live longer, and these principles are the same for their human companions.  

Meet Co-Owner, Louis:

Louis is the Integrator. He takes the big ideas and vision and makes them a reality. In addition, he implements our core values amongst our team members at every stage of their journey with us and works on daily operations and procedures. He wears many hats, as most entrepreneurs do. You may find him in the delivery van, stocking shelves, fixing lights or toilets, working in-store events, answering questions about health, dressing up as Santa (shhh! don't tell anyone), or even working the cash registers. When he is not working on operations and procedures, he is often behind the scenes, coaching, guiding, and mentoring our leadership team. H genuinely values an honest hard day of work, people who are true to themselves, and truthfulness. And he encourages our employees to balance work and life as much as retail allows. To read more about Louis, click here.

Our Promise 

The Pet Beastro was founded to help people learn why alternative pet food options are better for their animals. Click here to see our promise to our customers. We feel it is important that animal caregivers understand what you are feeding your pet and the nutritional support it provides to maintain health and longevity. Click here to read our code of ethics. 

Our Beastro Team

Meet Retail Store Manager, Josephine:

Josephine enjoys getting to know and establishing relationships with our customers and their fur babies. To read more about Josephine click here.

Josephine Raw Pet Food Specialist Michigan

Meet Assistant Manager, Maddie:

Maddie's favorite part of working at The Pet Beastro is interacting with the customers. She loves the store and seeing familiar faces walk through the door every day. To read more about Maddie click here.

Maddie Natural Assistant Manager

Meet Online Store Sales Associate, Nikki:

Nikki’s favorite part of her job at The Pet Beastro is being able to help customers, and their pets find the products that are right for them and help them on their pet's journey to a more natural and healthy way of life. To read more about Nikki click here.

Nikki raw pet food specialist in Michigan

Meet Inventory Associate, Nathan:

One of Nathan's favorite things about working is being there to meet pets and eventually having the pets remember him and be excited to see him. To read more about Nathan click here.

Nathan Raw Pet Food Specialist in Michigan

Meet Retail Sales Associate, Catherine:

Catherine, also known as Cat around here, wanted to work at the Pet Beastro because she wanted a fun place to work, and she has a huge love for animals. To read more about Catherine click here

Kaitlyn Natural Pet Food Specialist In Michigan

Meet Retail Sales Associate, Jayden:

Jayden's favorite part about working at The Pet Beastro is feeling like she is an important part of a team and getting to help others. By working at this amazing place, she has learned that there are many more food options than you might first think of and many more possibilities. To read more about Jayden click here

Meet Retail Sales Associate, Emily:

Emily, one of our enthusiastic team members, brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for pets to her role. To read more about Emily, click here

Meet Retail Sales Associate, Ashlynn:

Ashlynn's journey to joining The Pet Beastro began with a desire to find her first job and explore opportunities related to animal care and natural health! To read more about Ashlynn, click here.

Meet Retail Sales Associate, Maddy:

Maddy joined us in September 2022, bringing her passion for animals and desire to impact their lives positively. Learn more about Maddy and click here.

Meet The Beastro Store Cats & Official Taste Testers:

Learn More About Our Pet Wellness Services

We offer a wealth of knowledge about dog and cat nutrition and common health issues your pet may be experiencing.

Our one-on-one nutrition and pet health consults help provide you the knowledge to take care of your pet's needs naturally so that they live a long and healthy life with your family. If you feed better, your cat or dog will feel better and live longer! 

We offer several alternative animal health and wellness services based on the needs of your cat and or dog.