The Pet Beastro Promise

Our Promise 

At The Pet Beastro, we don’t take your dog and cat’s health lightly. We care passionately about every product we bring into our store. That’s why we talk to the manufacturers, tour factories and plants, learn about how the food and treats are made, and ask all the tough questions about ingredients, sourcing, and quality controls.

We promise you we will:

    • Offer the largest raw food selection in Metro Detroit.
    • Never carry treats or foods made in China.
    • Ensure that all our products are made with real meat, not by-products, fillers, or harmful additives.
    • Diligently research and select pet food and health items with care.
    • Offer wheat-, corn-, soy-, grain-, potato-, and rice-free options.
    • Carry human-grade supplements and products.
    • Support independent manufacturers and small businesses.

Many pet food and big box stores can’t make these promises. Not only do we stand behind our promise, but we want you to hold us to it as well!

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