Resonance Repatterning for People and Pets

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Resonance Repatterning For Cats & Dogs

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?  Have you been tirelessly searching for options to help you and/or your pet but are frustrated that nothing seems to help?  We all live with patterns in our lives and these patterns can cause anxiety, depression, fear, and anger within us.  As we go deep within we can see that there are layers that surround these patterns.  Emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual layers.  If we are feeling stuck or blocked emotionally that problem can show up within us physically, each of these layers can affect all the other layers.


What Is Resonance Repatterning:

Resonance Repatterning® is the releasing and shifting of these layers.  During a session, muscle checking is used to help us go deep within to the root of the problem.  Where did this problem begin?  Was there an earlier experience that created a pattern and now each day you live within this suffering state?  So much of who we are and these patterns are held within our subconscious mind which is why muscle checking is used.  Muscle checking allows us to get to the root so we can start releasing what is being held within the subconscious.

When Resonance Repatterning® is used for our pets we start to see patterns that our pets have developed from their experiences and circumstances.  When we bring a pet into our lives our energy and their energy create a pattern between us both.  This is why when you are feeling anxious you may notice your pet exhibiting behaviors as they have their way of reacting to what is going on within us.


  • Introduction Session (20 minutes) - $25 (cost will be applied to full session if booked immediately after Introduction session)
  • Resonance Repatterning Person + Pet (2 hours) - $149
  • Resonance Repatterning People (1.5 hours) - $109
  • Resonance Repatterning Pet (1 hour) - $59

Make An Appointment:


To schedule a session for you and your furry friend(s), call the store at (248) 548-3448.</p

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