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Dog & Cat Health Blog

Etta Says All Natural Dog Treats

20 Apr, 2021

Versatile and tasty, Etta Says treats offer a wide variety of healthy afternoon snacks, training treats, and safe natural chews! Find out more about these nutritious and delicious snacks in our blog. Read more

3 Ways To Prevent Hairballs In Cats

20 Apr, 2021

Did you know that your cat vomiting hairballs should not be a recurring happening? Learn all about what you can do for your cat's hairballs from their diet to brushing in our blog. Read more

Meet Kaitlyn!

16 Apr, 2021

Kaitlyn's favorite part of working at The Pet Beastro is getting to see so many different adorable cats and dogs every day. She loves being able to pet them and give them treats as a part of her job.
Read more