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Get Stuck In The Weeds, It's Good For You!

18 Mar, 2019

Let's celebrate all of those medicinal plants, often referenced as weeds, you can find in our backyards, parks, and everywhere else plants grow. You could spend your lifetime learning about the healing properties of plants and herbs. It is great to add them to you and your pets everyday life to improve your health and wellbeing.

Read more

What Is Involved in an Intro Pet Chiropractic Consult?

16 Mar, 2019

Dr. Christina Cole of Advanced Animal Chiropractic is back on our blog today to talk about what her introductory pet chiropractic sessions look like. She does dog and cat adjustments at the The Pet Beastro every two weeks. Her next sessions will be: Read more

Nutrient Dense Pet Food

16 Mar, 2019

Some economy brands of pet food are made from lower quality ingredients with lower energy values and lower grade proteins that aren't easily absorbed. Because of this, many of the nutrients in these foods pass right through your pet's system, which means you need to dispense a larger quantity in order for your animal to receive the same amount of nutrition they'd get from a premium food, like Petcurean. The proof is in the poop: you feed less, your pet absorbs more nutrition, and you scoop less. Who doesn't love that? Read more

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