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Dog & Cat Health Blog

Taking Care of Your Pet's Dental Health Leads to a Healthier, Longer Life For Them

13 Feb, 2020

Offensive dog breath is often due to tartar build-up and bacteria on the surface of the teeth. Tartar (the accumulation of minerals, food particles and bacteria) typically accumulates at the gingival surface where the tooth and gum meet. When not routinely addressed, the gum line can become irritated and inflamed, resulting in gingivitis.  Read more

The Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food, A Story About Getting Started

27 Jan, 2020

What a big difference in raw feeding and species-appropriate food truly helped my pets. Animals are meant to eat and live like they are instinctively and genetically brought up to! Read more

Case Study: My Experience with Raw Feeding. How Small Changes Can Help Your Cat or Dog Feel Healthier.

20 Jan, 2020

After small changes in diet and the addition of raw feeding, the animals’ moods have greatly improved. They are more eager to interact with people and seek attention actively. Read more