Dog & Cat Health, Nutrition & Wellness Services

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We offer a wealth of knowledge about pet nutrition and common health issues your pet may be experiencing.

Our one-on-one counseling and group seminars help provide you the knowledge to take care of your pet's needs so that they live a long and healthy life with your family.

We offer several services based on the needs of your pet. To learn more about our Code of Ethics, click here


Nutrition Consult

A 45-minute one-on-one diet analysis to ensure your pet is on a customized eating plan for their specific breed, age, and health needs. To learn more about our Nutrition Consults and schedule an appointment, click here. 

Mini-Nutrition Consult 

A 15-minute one-on-one diet analysis to quickly touch base on urgent dietary-related, non-emergency health concerns. To learn more about our Mini-Nutrition Consults, click here.

Emergency Consult

A one-hour, one-on-one health analysis for immediate emergency needs only, based upon Jill's availability. To learn more about our Emergency Consults, click here.

Health Programs (Acute and Chronic)

A one-on-one hands-on session with your animal to check basic organ systems, acid levels, and general vitals to address your animal’s chronic and acute health issues. These sessions can include muscle testing, homeopathy, holistic healing, energy work, and iridology. To learn more about our Health Programs and schedule an appointment, click here for our Acute Health Program and click here for our Chronic Health Program.

Homeopathic Session

We offer custom homeopathic remedies made specifically for your animal’s chronic illness, bizarre health symptoms, and/or behavior issues that conventional medicine has not been able to heal. To earn more about what to expect in a Homeopathic Session and schedule an appointment, click here.

Animal Chiropractic Visit

A one-on-one hands-on session with an animal chiropractor. For general health and wellness or if your animal is having any pain walking or running, you may want to start with an adjustment just like with humans. To learn more about what to expect in a Chiro Visit and schedule an appointment, click here.

Resonance Repatterning

In our lives, we all have had experiences that have shaped who we are and as a result who we have become. Some of these experiences were negative so our energy resonates with the non-coherent effects of that experience. During a Resonance Repatterning session, we can start shifting the energy that was created from past events to begin attracting people and energy that is coherent and positive. To learn more about what to expect in a Resonance Repatterning session and schedule an appointment, click here. 

Facebook Live Seminars:

We often provide educational seminars and Facebook Lives about digestive problems, allergies, anxiety, vaccinations, herbs, and more. Please see our event calendar on Facebook to find the next session.