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What is a Raw Pet Food Nutrition Specialist Certification?

Each employee who has completed the Dogs Naturally Magazine Raw Pet Food Certification program has had over nine hours of video training, guides, and worksheets followed by several stages of quizzes and exams.

Raw Pet Food Specialists Understand: 

  • How to build a completely raw diet for your dog or cat, from the ground up.
  • Why the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requirements for some vitamins and minerals are exaggerated and what this means when building the raw diet for pets.
  • Modern farming practices and how they have changed the food and animals you feed your dog or cat. And the steps you have to take to replace the missing nutrients.
  • Why the foods we feed our dogs and cats matter.
  • The nutritional deficiencies can be caused when important organs and glands are missing (and how to fill those gaps with common foods). 
  • How to find the exact amount of calcium in meaty bones so you don't have to worry about excess or deficiency (especially in puppies).
  • Why knowing the type and amount of fat in the diet is critical for preventing nutrient deficiencies.
  • How to expertly balance the fatty acids in all protein sources to prevent inflammation.
  • How to feed a raw diet to puppies and expecting moms the most nutritious way.
  • Some of the common raw foods that when fed may need extra minerals.
  • How to analyze dog and cat raw diet recipes for diet deficiencies.
  • As you transition your dogs or cats to a raw diet, they can show you the right raw bones to feed and how to work through digestive upset.
  • How to customize the raw pet food diet based on the foods you feed your cat or dog. Different foods have different nutrients and balancing these is the key to success in the raw diet for pets.

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We are proud that each of our employees is a Certified Raw Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and is able to analyze commercial raw diets for your cat or dog and build complete diets that are fully customized to your individual pet’s needs.

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