Caru Pet Food Company is a family-owned business operated by two Canadians who originally founded Karu’s Canine Cuisine in 2010. Adrian and Pamela Pettyan are medical professionals who care about the happiness and well-being of every pet. Caru's entire line of stews and treats is made with only natural ingredients (fortified with vitamins and minerals). Caru stews and treats do not contain animal by-products of any kind. All of Caru ingredients are obtained from the United States, except for a handful of vitamins and minerals which come from Europe and/or Japan and Tapioca Starch from Thailand. Caru products contain real meats and poultry plus vegetables and fruit. All meat proteins are government inspected before being used in any Caru recipe.

The FDA has confirmed that Caru stews are made with 100% human grade ingredients and they are processed and handled in accordance with FDA regulations for human food. Just remember, these stews are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs, not people!

We love Caru at The Pet Beastro and we know you will too!