Granville Island Pet

The Granville Island Pet Treatery is a small independent company based in Vancouver, Canada that is here to bring your fur-baby wholesome and nutritious handmade treats! Each bag of small-batch treats are packed with flavor and nutrition to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy!

Granville Island Pet has had over 31 years of experience in the pet industry and pet therapeutic nutrition to bring your furry friends the safest highest quality products. Each recipe is carefully researched by a team of medical herbalists, pet nutritionists, holistic veterinarians, researchers and bakers to provide the most effective all-natural product. Each bag of small-batch treats are handmade to ensure quality and safety. Only made with Good Health CertifiedTM ingredients and free from any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives. As the years go by, the company has always been committed to innovating new natural products for your pet to keep them healthy and happy! With Granville Island Pet, your pet's health and safety always comes first!