Holistic Hound

Created in Berkley, California in 2003 by Heidi Hill to make holistic healthcare products for pets. Heidi combined her love of pets with her knowledge of holistic medicine to establish a company that would allow her to offer all-natural healing products to pets. Holistic Hound uses CBD Hemp Oil in their products and educates pet parents on the numerous health benefits it offers.

In 2014, Holistic Hound started carrying natural CBD supplements. Heidi gave the CBD supplements to Pearl, her aging Husky every day. She saw Pearl's discomfort lessen and she was able to live comfortably during her aging years for a higher quality way of life. After seeing all the benefits it provide to Pearl, Heidi wanted to share her knowledge and results with pet parents everywhere. Using her knowledge of the healing power of full spectrum hemp and medicinal mushrooms, Hedi formulated her own all-natural CBD and medicinal mushroom supplements to improve the health and wellness of pets. She worked with an integrative veterinarian to formulate supplement blends that will improve every pet's way of life.

Holistic Hound is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), a highly respected organization that works closely with federal and state regulators to ensure the safety, accuracy and quality of companion animal health supplements. Members must adopt and comply with their strict quality control system in order to be eligible for their coveted Seal of Quality.

Holistic Hound is a trusted customer-favorite at The Pet Beastro. Customers love using Holistic Hound supplements to naturally improve their pet's health and wellness.