Try a natural alternative to heal common pet cuts and scrapes with HoneyCure! HoneyCure is an all-natural hydro-gel that is easy to apply and gently heals your pet's minor cuts and wounds. The main active ingredient features pure Manuka honey, a great natural source of hydrogen peroxide that acts as an antimicrobial medicine and quickly heals wounds. This prevents bacteria from building a resistance to antibiotics. Manuka honey also helps remove moisture from cuts and wounds to dehydrate bacteria and quicken healing. Its viscosity also helps create a barrier to stop infections. Manuka honey used is guaranteed FDA-approved as medical-grade for the highest quality product. Quickly and gently heals your pet without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals or additives. Kills and prevents microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. HoneyCure also contains a blend of natural essential oils to further kill and inhibit microbes. Ideal for treating small cuts & deep wounds, hot-spots, burns & abrasions, infected wounds, and chronic wounds. Also great for reducing inflammation due to both minor and chronic wounds. Suitable to use on dogs, cats, horses, large animals, and small companion animals.

Created by Ramy Habib and Sean Carroll of EnBiologics to seek a natural alternative to healing common pet wounds. EnBiologics is committed to innovating new and natural top-quality pet care products that will help the veterinary industry as well as being available to people and their pets. EnBiologics utilizes their knowledge of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering to innovate new natural pet wound care products to benefit the health and wellness of pets.

Ramy Habib is a committed biomedical engineer with a strong background in medical devices and natural healthcare. Growing up in Egypt is where Ramy got his first inspiration to create HoneyCure.

Sean Carroll is a young and passionate entrepreneur wanting to advance the innovation and use of natural care in the veterinary industry. He uses his background in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering to create and innovate.

Together, Ramy and Sean partnered to make HoneyCure a thriving success! Naturally heal your pet's minor cuts and wounds with some HoneyCure today!