Katie's Bumpers

Katie's Bumpers is an independent American company that is dedicated to providing your dog with high-quality dog toys that are built to last! Founded in 2002 by Jill and Greg and named after their beloved Blue Heaven Newfoundland named Katie, a prized show dog that loved competing in various sport shows. The idea for Katie's Bumpers was formed when Jill and Greg needed a higher quality bumper toy for Katie's water training. This inspired the pair to design a top-quality dog bumper with a cylindrical shape and special flush rope design to stop dogs from biting through the rope loops. Each toy also features the unique choice of using strong fire-hose material for extra durability.

Katie's Bumpers is listed as one of the most authentic dog toy brands around for its unique designs and high durability. Each toy is sustainably made in the USA for a brand you can trust. Made from rubber-free, professional-grade USA fire-hose material that is phthalate-free. Also features marine-grade rope that is made in the USA. Packing is plastic-free and made from recycled paper that can then be recycled to provide you with an eco-friendly product.

Katie's Bumpers are ideal for training, competing, or just casual playtime with your canine best friend! These toys are great for fetching and tugging on both land and water! And they float, making them the perfect water training toy! Their bright colors make them easy to spot in any environment! Their high durability ensures that they are toys built to last! Great for trips to the park, beach, lake, and more! The possibilities are endless with a high-quality dog toy from Katie's Bumpers!