Neater Pets

You'll never have to worry about a furry messy eater again with Neater Pets products! Neater pets offers a wide array of top-quality pet feeders and bowls to keep your house clean and mess-free!

Founded by Fernando Becattini, Jr. who was inspired to create the Neater Pets brand after adopting Duke and Dakota, two sweet but messy-eating German Wire-Haired Pointers. Mealtimes were always a mess of food and water scattered all around the kitchen. Duke was the king of making a mess! He loved to run inside the house and tip over his water dish to roll around and cool himself off in after a hot day! Fernando knew there had to be a better way to deal with his dogs' mealtimes. 

After some long hours spent at the drawing board, Fernando invented the first Neater Feeder system. This soon grew to become one of the top award winning, best selling pet feeders to be found on the market! It is one of the best-selling pet products ever on QVC in the United States, U.K., Germany, Italy and France! The Neater Feeder has even been featured on national network TV programs like The Today Show, The Early Show on CBS, and ABC News!

And Neater Pets would never have been created without the inspiration from a couple of sweet, lovable, messy dogs!