For the past 45 years, Pestell has been leading the way in making and providing your pet with the best in quality pet products such as cat litter, small pet bedding, and pet-safe ice melter at a budget-friendly price! Pestell's mission is to create and innovate quality pet products that satisfy the needs of both pets and owners! Each product is certified safe for the health and safety of your pet. Pestell has a specialized in-house laboratory to ensure the quality and safety standards of each and every product manufactured. 

Founded in 1972 by Don Pestell utilizing his decade-long experience in the animal feed industry to create and provide quality pet products for both animals and owners.

In 1976, Pestell was one of the first companies in North America to sell wood shavings as a better quality replacement for straw bedding in horse stables. 

In 19780 Don founded the company's current headquarters in New Hamburg, Ontario in the heart of Ontario's agricultural industry.

In 1990 Pestell Pet Products created "Easy Clean," their first clumping cat litter.

In 2006, Pestell Pet Products launched "Boxo," their small pet bedding made from recycled corrugate.

By 2007 another adjacent warehouse was built in New Hamburg along with an automated packing facility.

2012 celebrated Pestell's 40th anniversary!

In 2013, Pestell Pet Products developed "LifeMate," the first clumping cat litter with a pH indicator to warn owners of health issues.

2015 marked the date of Pestell expanding their company even further with another 65,000 square foot warehouse expansion.

With each year, Pestell Pet Products continues to grow and innovate for new and exciting high-quality products for you and your pet family to enjoy!

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