Simple Food Project

Feeding your pet a healthy and delicious meal shouldn't be a challenge! And the Simple Food Project is here to make feeding your pet a natural nutritious and flavorful meal as easy as can be!

The Simple Food Project was founded to nurture the inner carnivore in your pet in a simple and natural way. Their motto is to provide your pet with "the healthfulness of a freshly prepared meal with the convenience of scoop & serve." This makes feeding your pet a meal you can feel good about a breeze! Every recipe is pet-approved by the company's own beloved pets!

Each formula is made with pure protein and nutrition from all-natural wholefood ingredients sourced and made in the USA. Features freeze-dried method to preserve peak nutrition from wholefood sources as well as convenient feeding. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality and safety.  

The Simple Food Project nourishes your pet the simple and healthy way!