Tropiclean is a leader in the pet industry for providing safe, natural, and eco-friendly products for your furry companion. They are trail-blazing developers in creating safe and effective pet grooming products. Tropiclean is beloved in 65 countries, with 8 brands and hundreds of individual top-quality pet products.

Founded in 1992, Tropiclean was a leading innovator in bringing pet parents all-natural grooming products. By 1994, the company harnessed the power of neem oil to provide pet families with a safe all-natural alternative to commercial flea and tick repellents. From here the company began to branch out to formulate and offer a wide array of pet grooming products to aid pets with skin issues, allergies, dental care, and more.

Tropiclean only uses the purest all-natural and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Try the Tropiclean difference for a brand you can trust! 


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