Herbsmith Supplements Comfort Aches 75 g

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Herbsmith Comfort Aches is perfect for any dog that may suffer from occasional aches and discomfort caused by normal everyday activity. Comfort Aches is a specially formulated blend of natural herbs that work together to provide relief from any pain or aches. Great for both dogs and cats! Can be used for both short term or every day use.


Ingredients: Notoginseng Root (San Qi) Actions: Stops Bleeding, Transforms Blood Stasis, and Addresses Discomfort from Traumatic Injuries. Angelica Tang Kuei (Dang Gui) Actions: Invigorates, Tonifies and Harmonizes the Blood, and Addresses Discomfort. Frankincense (Ru Xiang) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Promotes Movement of Qi, Addresses Discomfort. Myrrh (Mo Yao) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, Supports Healing, and Addresses Discomfort. Carthamus (Hong Hua) Actions: Dispels Blood Stasis, Addresses Discomfort and Invigorates Blood. Achyranthes (Huai Nui Xi) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Expels Blood Stasis, Strengthens Tendons and Bones, Benefits the Joints and Tonifies and Nourishes the Liver and Kidneys.

For Dogs:

Under 30 lbs ½

30 - 80 lbs 1

80 - 120 lbs 1 1/2

120+ lbs 2


For Cats:

1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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