Bare Bites

Bare Bites is a dog, cat, and horse treat company based in Frederick, Maryland. Bare Bites products are produced with minimal ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives. Just a little bit of added love and are 100% guaranteed. Bare Bites are for CATS and DOGS… and any other animal that wants to eat them. Bare Bites, and all Bare Bite products, are made with 100% all natural, HUMAN GRADE ingredients. With more than a dozen vital nutrients, beef liver helps our furry family members maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Beef liver is not just “okay” for our pets, but actually quite healthy, when consumed in moderation. Bare Bites are a fan favorite of The Pet Beastro, and we have yet to find a furry friend who does not enjoy them. We know you will too!