Cloud Star

Cloud Star was created by passionate pet parents for pet parents around the world to make the most delicious and nutritious treats!

The inspiration for Cloud Star was born from the family's passion for baking homemade healthy and nutritious dog treats for their sweet German Shepherd with food allergies more than 16 years ago. After seeing the success with their homemade treats, they got the idea to create Cloud Star and share their treats with fur-babies around the globe! Each batch of treats is only made with nutritious fresh ingredients that are all-natural and full of flavor! Proudly made in the USA without the use of any artificial additives. Free from any Wheat, Corn, or Soy. Cloud Star uses gentle baking and dehydration cooking process for maximum flavor and nutrition. Each recipe is highly palatable and easily digestible for pups big and small with various dietary needs! With Cloud Star treats, you can reward your dog while keeping them healthy and happy for a lifetime of tail-wagging fun!

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