Earth Animal

Earth Animal is a trusted family-owned and operated company that has been growing and thriving for over 40 years to bring your pet the best and safest all-natural treats and supplements.

Founded by Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein to improve the health and wellness of pets across the globe. The Goldstein's passion and experience in holistic and integrative veterinary medicine fueled their desire to create and innovate the best all-natural pet products that are safe for your pet and the earth. All products are made with the purest all-natural organic ingredients. Free from any artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Minimal processing is used to ensure maximum nutrition and health benefits.

The Goldstein's inspiration to start Earth Animal began in 1974 after adopting their beloved Golden Retriever, Leigh. Eventually, Leigh began suffering from hip dysplasia and was soon crippled. This  inspired them to find a different way of treatment and care.

In 1975, Dr. Bob and Susan started studying alternative therapies, such as natural remedies like organic supplements and juices, to improve Leigh's life. Soon, Leigh was walking and running like a pup again!

1979 marked the opening year of Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein's first Natural Health Food Store for Dogs & Cats next door to Dr. Bob's Veterinarian Hospital.

Through the years of 1985 to 1990, Dr. Bob and Susan expanded the business to open 7 more stores. They also developed their own veterinarian-formulated line of holistic products to improve the health and wellness of pets.

In 2014, Earth Animal unveiled their new line of all-natural No Hide dog chews for a rawhide-free alternative for dogs to enjoy! These durable dog chews are nutritious, delicious, and easily-digestible!

From 2016 to today, Earth Animal has continued to thrive and expand to help pet parents all around the world! 2016 marked the launch of their first line of Wisdom™ dog food to provide pups with all-natural healthy and delicious diets.

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